What We Offer

  • Clear & transparent tender submissions
  • Assessment of the material selection & compliance
  • Digital construction & field reporting
  • Commissioning, maintenance & ongoing client support

The Decocorp Difference

We exceed the customers project requirements by adding value through our understanding of the scope, analysing every detail adequately and accurately. Consultants may be novated or selected from our proven team, allowing the client to draw upon our expertise; where we can add the most value to the project.

We use industry focused technology and innovative solutions to help our projects remain safe, with minimal exposure to risk. This holistic approach enables clients to gain confidence, while we provide turnkey services.

Our combination of building and engineering qualifications, and professional building experience gives our clients the techniques to oversee the planning, design, and construction of a project. From its inception to completion, having full control of the program, cost, and quality.


Healthcare Construction

Aged Care Construction

Childcare Center Construction

Education Construction

Community Construction

Warehouse Construction

Green Building Construction

Safety Management

Decocorp Construction’s standard site safety rules are adapted to cater for any project specific hazards and specific requirements. Work method statements are prepared by Decocorp’s sub-contractors prior to commencing works to ensure the works are performed in a planned and safe manner and cater for the Clients Safety Plan and WHS requirements.

We plan better, respond faster, & build smarter

With extensive experience and award-winning success in the Commercial and Government sector, Decocorp remains confident in delivering professional construction services to all clients and will continually review construction and materials handling techniques, programme, suggest cost effective options and provide recommendations in order to achieve a seamless, successful delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of projects can Decocorp Constructions deliver?

We pride ourselves on delivering a wide range of commercial projects in various industries like healthcare, workspace, education, community, retail, transport & aged care.

2. Why would I go with Decocorp Constructions for my project?

From inception to completion, Commercial projects can be a fairly complex procedure. Our teams range of experience, combined with our strong company values, ensures our clients have peace of mind when engaging to work with us.

We keep working with you far beyond the project completion, providing training and ongoing support right through to our next project together. We want to work with you for life, and we do this by our clients having complete trust in our rigid processes & procedures.

3. Is Decocorp Constructions licenced, accredited and insured?

We have an active Builders Licence and hold the following insurances:

  • Public Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Contract Works Insurance
  • Home Building Compensation Fund (HBCF)
4. What is the rough cost for the project?

This depends on the methodology, materials & finishes selections.

We often develop cost plans to suit your budget and actively value engineer your scope in line with budget expectations.

Working with our estimating & project teams, we are transparent with our budgets and allowances keeping you informed all the way through the tender process.

5. Do you have a project timeline, and do you stick to it?

We do what we say! Each proposal receives a programme which includes pre-construction, construction and handover activities. We track our programmes through regular project updates, and report on all project milestones weekly.

6. Do we need a CDC (Complying Development Certificate) or a DA (Development Approval)?

Generally any works altering the street view or changing use will require a Development Application.

If your proposed development meets the standards for a Complying Development Certificate, it can be approved through this fast tracked process.

Minor refresh work can be conducted under Exempt Development. Exempt development activities do not require Council approval.

7. There’s a bad reputation of projects being built to low building standards, how does Decocorp Constructions maintain and guarantee high quality?

We maintain and continuously improve an Integrated Management System that complies with the requirements of the International Standards ISO 9001:2015

Through our Quality Policy we are committing to:

  • Individual acceptance of personal accountability and responsibility for consistently delivering agreed construction services
  • Following all agreed customer requirements and all statutory and regulatory requirements related to our construction service
  • Continual monitoring and reporting of all agreed service quality and performance indicators as set by the industry
8. Early Contractor Involvement vs Construction Management vs Lump Sum, what’s the difference?

Under an early contractor involvement engagement, we would be engaged for a fee, effectively for our preliminaries and overheads. At the time of entering into the contract, the actual cost of construction is unknown. This is because the design is yet to be finalised, or at least has not been priced.

Early contractor involvement models offer faster completion, subcontract transparency and early input from us to avoid design issues.

Under construction management, the client engages us to administer the contracts and trades on their behalf with a percentage fee attached.

Unlike construction management, with typical lump sum building contracts, we would submit a quotation proposal to ensure the overall contract price if a fixed price.

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